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Why criminal background checks are crucial

Fast, accurate and comprehensive background checks protect your company from potential damages of a bad hire and build the foundations of a trustworthy and reliable workplace.

  • Eliminate the costs of bad hires and turnovers
  • Create a safe and trustworthy work environment
  • Protect company’s reputation and reliability
  • Mitigate the risks of data breaches, legal suites and insurance liabilities
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Hiring the wrong people can be a disaster

of job applications contain inaccurate information

average cost of a negligent hiring lawsuit

average loss of total revenue when bringing a new hire up to speed

Certn Lime: Smarter criminal background checks

A criminal record check is an investigation into a person’s criminal history. Certn Lime directly integrates with various local, national and global databases and registries to reveal any reportable criminal record

AI-powered checks

Criminal checks are no longer a hassle with Certn Lime’s AI-powered technology., Certn Lime rapidly uncovers potential criminal activity associated with the candidate via pulling data from thousands of compiled federal, state, county sources automatically and verifying data directly with the source.

In addition, Certn Lime’s proprietary ID verification technology, OneID, instantly verifies a candidate’s identity via a selfie and an official ID document such as a drivers license.

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Compliant and reliable

In compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Certn Lime validates all potential records at the source to ensure we report only the most updated, accurate and complete information on a candidate. Unless otherwise requested, Certn Lime further investigates conviction and pending records for a seven-year timeframe and reports data in accordance with federal and state laws.

Certn Compliances

Comprehensive criminal checks at your fingertips

USA Criminal Record Checks:

What is Social Security Number (SSN) Trace?

A Social Security Trace is an investigative tool used to identify any name and address history associated with a given SSN. Certn Lime reviews the seven-year history and uses the additional names/addresses to perform additional criminal searches.

Benefits: It’s a tool that determines the names and what jurisdictions like federal areas or counties the search should be under. The alias names and addresses identified from this search tool are used to broaden the scope of a background check to include jurisdictions and names beyond what the candidate may have disclosed on an application.


USA Basic Criminal Checks

Candidate’s required information: Full name, date of birth, current address, social security number (SSN), consent form

Turnaround time:  1-3 business days on average

What types of checks are included:

National Criminal Record Check

A National Criminal Database Search is one of the most common, Critical and powerful investigative tools used to discover potential criminal activity on an individual. This search takes primary names and alias names from social security traces into consideration.

Examples of sources: State Department of Corrections (DOC), Sex Offender Registries, Administrative Office of The Courts (AOC), Pardon and Parole Boards and hundreds of other states or county public record repositories.

About this check: While this search is a good start to identify potential criminal activity in areas outside of where someone might reside, it’s not thorough enough to include every jurisdiction.

Sex Offender Search

A Sex Offender Search is designed to identify if an individual is a registered sex offender in any state. Certn Lime provides any matches to your candidate, regardless of state, to ensure a full report. This search takes primary name and alias names from social security trace into consideration.

About this check: This is a country-wide check that searches all states and can be extremely high-valued for vulnerable sectors that serves sensitive populations.

Global Sanctions and Terrorist Watchlists

A Global Sanctions and Terrorist Watchlist Check searches hundreds of exclusion, sanction and entity lists, US and globally, to assist with the US Patriot Act compliance and industry regulations.

Examples of sources: OIG, GSA, OFAC, SAMS, FINRA, FDIC, NYSE, international sanctioning bodies, law enforcement agencies, regulatory enforcement agencies and non-regulatory agencies, including high profile person’s data. A full list is available upon request.

About this check: To be compliant with the US Patriot Act and regulations that prohibit individuals on these lists from specific roles and industries.

USA County Criminal Checks

Types of checks:

USA County Criminal Search

Candidates’ required information: Full name, date of birth, current address, social security number (SSN) consent form

Turnaround time: 1-3 business days

A County Criminal Search is a search for felony and misdemeanour records at the central courthouse within a specified county. Certn Lime retrieves records instantly via either of these sources:
-Online access portals
-An extensive network of researchers
-In-person visits to the courts for additional records that can be located in a separate, lower court.

About this check: County Criminal Searches are more thorough with detailed results as most felony and misdemeanour records are filed in county courts.


Single County: County Criminal Search in the jurisdiction of the applicant’s most recent address for a 7-year period.
Unlimited County Criminal: County Criminal Search in the jurisdiction of the applicant’s addresses for the past 7 years (or the maximum number of years allowed under FCRA and state legislation).

Federal Statewide Criminal Search

A search of the US Federal Court records system (PACER) on a per-state basis. This search investigates federal crimes and records held in Federal Courts at the district level.

Examples of records: White-collar crimes, international/inter-state drug trafficking, kidnapping, violations of the constitution or federal law and more.

About this check: This check identifies federal charges that were prosecuted in a federal district court, and does not include local and state law violations, records in county courts, or national criminal databases.

Canadian Criminal Record Check

Candidate’s required information: Full candidate name (first name, middle name, maiden name, last name), date of birth, email address, current address, country of residence, sex, e-consent form
Optional: Telephone, Social insurance Number (SIN)

Turnaround time: 15 minutes

Types of checks:

Canadian Criminal Record Check

This includes a search of the Canadian Police Information Centre (“CPIC”) database and locally held police information centres to determine whether there are charges or convictions that have not been pardoned, discharged or sealed.
Types of records: charges, warrants, peace bonds, prohibition orders, release conditions, probation orders, summary convictions, recent convictions not yet registered in the National Repository.

About this check: a fast and effortless check for Canadian residents uncovering criminal records in Canada

Enhanced Criminal Record Check

The Enhanced Criminal Record is an add-on service to Canadian criminal record check. This check includes a search of Canadian criminal record check PLUS the Police Information Portal (PIP), Firearms Interest Police (FIP) and the Niche RMS system.

About this check: This performs a more thorough search that is done after the regular name-based criminal record search and consists of local police data files for each individual police service that are not entered into the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).

Additional records:
All of the searches included in the Canadian Criminal Record Check plus a search of the Police Information Portal (PIP) looking for:
-Criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted and conditional and absolute discharges have not been removed from the CPIC system.
-Probation information, wanted person information, accused person information, peace bonds, judicial orders, warrants, absolute and conditional discharges (If relevant), criminal charges that have been withdrawn, dismissed or stayed of proceedings and any negative contact with Police

SOQUIJ – Québec only

This search determines whether a candidate has been prosecuted for criminal or federal offences in Québec. Certn Lime discovers and provides easy access to all published decisions from the judicial and administrative tribunals of Québec in all areas of the law.

About this check: this search is for companies looking to screen candidates in Québec. and get detailed court/criminal information beyond the RCMP.

Global Criminal Record Check

Vet international candidates to reveal any conviction records in foreign countries. Choose from more than 190 countries and receive the international criminal background check results.

About this check: to screen candidates who have resided or worked overseas via the Certn Lime global criminal record check.

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