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Affordable background screening for non-profit organizations and volunteers

Get volunteers who will help you accomplish your mission

Why is background screening for non-profit organizations and volunteers so critical?

For not-for-profit organizations, associations and charities, achieving their mission is the top priority. Hiring either volunteers or employees who are willing to make the mission come true requires high levels of trust and commitment. Background checks let you thoroughly vet volunteers and workers, who will help achieve your mission.
With background checks:

  • Meet funders’, stakeholders’ and board members’ expectations
  • Protect your reputation, members and clients and build a safe and respectful organization
  • Mitigate liability risks and lawsuits

60% of bad hires will negatively affect the performance of other team members

Certn Lime for fast and effortless background screening

With Certn Lime background screening is a no-brainer. Certn Lime’s fully automated background checks let you easily vet your candidates in minutes while providing an effortless experience for your volunteers. With Certn Lime save in time and hiring costs and reduce onboarding time and turnovers. Certn Lime is

  • Affordable and fits limited budgets 
  • Fast, with instant results for most of the checks
  • Mobile-friendly and easy-to-use for you and your candidates
  • FCRA Compliant and accurate reports
“Way cheaper compared to the traditional background checks for low-volume users They also have a very good customer service team, answering questions whenever needed. ”

Rachel Q. Certn’s Capterra Reviews

Recommended checks for volunteers and anyone who deals with vulnerable people:

Criminal Checks

  • US National criminal checks
  • US Federal statewide criminal search
  • Global sanctions and terrorist watchlist checks such as OFAC, FINRA, OIG, GSA, SAMS, FDIC, FYSE
  • Sex offender searcg
  • Global criminal background checks
Certn Background check selection list

Verification and other checks

  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Reference checks
  • Credential verification
  • ID verification

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