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Instant Identity Verification to Build Trust

Effortlessly ensure that your candidates are who they say

ID verification is completed by taking selfie

Why ID verification is fundamental to background checks

With the proliferation of data breaches and identity theft, verifying candidates’ identity is an imperative step to prevent falsified information and fraudulent applications. Also, in a remote-first world, where hiring teams need to look beyond their regions for talent, ID verification is the bedrock for a successful and trustworthy hire.

  • Rise in remote hirings and contractors
  • Identity theft and false identities are rampant
  • Mitigates risks of hiring fraudulent candidates
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Instant AI-powered ID Verification

Gone are the days that candidates had to go to the post office or police station to verify their identity. Certn Lime’s AI-powered technology delivers an immediate and easy ID verification, with a built-in consent form and machine learning optical character recognition. ID verification is done in 3 steps:

  1. Send application: Email a secure and encrypted link to the candidate to start verification.
  2. Consent and complete information: Candidates provide consent and fill their information.
  3. Consent and complete information: Candidates provide consent and fill their information.
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identity theft and fraud reports received by the FCT in 2020

increase in identity theft complaints in 2020

of data breaches involved personal data, such as names, phone numbers, and physical addresses

Accurate results in less than 5 minutes

OneID, our 3D facial recognition technology compares and matches the candidate’s selfie and the uploaded ID card. OneID supports over 3,300 government-issued identity documents from 200 countries and territories and is backed by verification experts to obtain 100% accuracy.

  • No more trips to the post office and police station
  • Best in class candidate experience
  • Instant and accurate results in 5 minutes
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Start your background check with Instant ID verification