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Background checks for part-timers and contractors

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It’s equally important to run background checks on
temporary and part-time labour

Hiring temporary and part-time staff can benefit small and medium-sized businesses, by reducing long-term labour costs and hiring when absolutely necessary. However, failing to vet their background as thoroughly as you would a full-time employee may result in financial and legal costs and risks.

  • Hiring unqualified contractors can harm your company’s brand image and reputation
  • Hiring part-time employees and contractors who have access to the company’s data requires high levels of trust and safety
  • Temporary employees may have less loyalty and consideration toward your business and its growth

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Part-time and contract positions that may require background checks

  • Client-facing positions that interact with clients in person, over the phone and live chats and social media
  • Administrative and HR positions accessing sensitive information, company’s accounts, employees’ personal information.
  • Bookkeepers and accountants accessing financial information and accounts
  • IT contractors accessing all internal and external company’s information and data
  • Temporary staff working with company’s valuable assets
Company Security is important for Certn Lime

Recommended background checks for part-timers and contractors

-Criminal background checks
-Global background check
-Instant ID verification
-Credit check
-Instant employment and education verification

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