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Reliable background screening for financial and business services

Hire trustworthy and qualified candidates to protect your business from risks, costs and fines of an improper hire

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Why you need background checks for Financial, Insurance and Business Services

Hiring for positions that deal with financial data, assets, and sensitive information requires ensuring that high levels of trust, compliance, and industry regulations are met. This protects your company from legal and financial liabilities and risks.

  • Gain a holistic picture of your candidates’ criminal and financial history
  • Check candidates against the US and global watchlists and sanctions
  • Verify candidates’ qualifications and employment history
  • Win and onboard talents quickly with confidence

89% of occupational fraud is asset misappropriation with a median loss of $114K

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Certn Lime background screening for financial and business services companies

We offer an end-to-end platform that fully automates the background check process. Delivering fast and complete results along with a best-in-class user experience empower you to win qualified candidates.

  • Fully automated with fast turnaround times
  • Compliant with built-in consent forms
  • Mobile-friendly and intuitive user experience
  • Seamless integrations with major applicant tracking systems
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“The Certn training is very intuitive for ATB and I think someone who has never used a system before can figure it out on their own.”

Luke Giblin Talent Aquisition Partner, ATB Financial

A flexible background check solution for all your hiring needs

Criminal Checks

  • Global criminal background checks
  • Global sanctions and terrorist watchlist checks such as OFAC, FINRA, OIG, GSA, SAMS, FDIC, FYSE
  • Sex offender search
  • US National criminal checks
  • US Federal statewide criminal search
  • Canadian criminal background checks
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Verification and other checks

  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Reference checks
  • Credential verification
  • ID verification
  • Credit checks
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