Background checks for construction & manufacturing to enhance safety & trust

Build a safe culture and workspace that you, your employees, and customers can trust

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Background screening is a must for manufacturing & construction companies

Hiring reliable and trustworthy employees who respect your company’s values and maintain safety at the worksite protects you from liability risks and costs.

  • Build a trustworthy reputation amongst employees, vendors and partners
  • Create and maintain a safe and productive work environment
  • Prevent costs and liabilities from occupational injuries, as well as on-site and intellectual property theft

Annual estimates of the cost of equipment theft vary from about $300 million to $1 billion

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Why use Certn Lime background checks for your company

Certn Lime’s background checks are fast and streamline the hiring process, making it easy for business owners to get much-needed workers.

Simple and easy candidate experience – all your candidates need are their mobile phones!

  • Mobile-friendly for on-site hirings
  • Fast results to manage high turnovers
  • Ability to add and manage multiple teams, locations, and sites
  • An accessible and attentive support team for you and your candidates
  • Cost-effective pricing for your budget needs
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