Education and Employment Verification


Education and Employment Verifications

Confidently hire qualified candidates with accurate and hassle-free verifications

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Why verification checks are imperative in the hiring process

“Do candidates possess the credentials, qualifications and experiences they claim to have?” is a critical question that can be answered via verification checks. Certn Lime makes verifications fast and hassle-free, empowering all employers to onboard only qualified and trustworthy candidates.

  • Ensure that only experienced and skilled candidates get onboard
  • Uncover any false credentials and claims about employment
  • Comply with industry regulations by hiring certified and licensed employees
  • Mitigate risks of liability and damages to your reputation
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What are Certn Lime’s smart verifications?

We take all the screening work away from you to streamline your hiring process! Certn Lime leverages AI-powered technology along with a dedicated verification team to deliver fast, accurate and reliable results that let you take safe hiring decisions.

  • Reliable, fast and comprehensive reports
  • National and international verifications
  • Efficient and hassle-free that takes all follow-ups and time-consuming tasks from you
  • Dedicated expert verification team supporting you and your candidate through the entire process

of applicants have lied about their education
Americans lie about work experience and dates of employment

Employment Verification

Leave employment history verification to us. Through a completely automated process, we collect employment information from candidates. Our expert verification team leverages various data sources along with direct outreach to confirm provided employment claims such as:

  • Company
  • Position Held
  • Employment dates
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Education and professional license verifications

Verifying credentials and licenses are a breeze with Certn Lime. All you need to do is enter the client’s email to send the application and your clients will submit the details of their degrees, certifications, diplomas, licenses and any other credentials. Once our verification team receives the application, they start verifying the provided education information via the accredited data sources and if needed, reach out directly to the institutes. We verify:

  • Degree(s) received
  • Course of study
  • Dates of attendance
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